A Cautionary Note

When ringing carpet cleaners for prices, always ask what cleaning process they use, and how long it will take. Also ask if the equipment shown on their web sites is actually the equipment that they use!

I have ‘All Items Insurance’. To qualify for this, a recognised training course must be completed. ‘All Items’ cover means any article being cleaned is covered for damage caused by cleaning. Be aware that not all cleaners have this insurance.


There are carpet cleaners out there who do not follow the five steps I consider to be essential for professional carpet cleaning. They will say vacuuming is not required, or agitation is not necessary. In addition, they do not rinse out chemical residue. It is important to note, that any soiling left in the carpet after cleaning, will slowly work its way back up the fibres therefore dulling the finished job. This is known as the WICK EFFECT. The only way to avoid this is to follow the five steps which I take.

If you need your carpets cleaned every three or four months then it is probably because a sticky chemical residue has been left in your carpet. I leave no chemical residue in your carpets or upholstery. This prevents rapid re-soiling.


Upholstery Cleaning

When ringing around for prices always ask what cleaning process they use and how long it will take.

The cleaning solution I use is 100% safe.

With the best equipment available and fully qualified staff, Ramsey’s Carpet Cleaning is able to offer a professional service to both domestic and commercial clients. The service is intended to be cost effective, enabling clients to have their premises cleaned at an affordable price. Ramsey’s carpet cleaning only use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning solution, harmless to humans animals and the environment.