The Powr-Flite PFX1350

Hot Water Dirt Extraction

Up to now we have vacuumed out the loose particles, applied a cleaning agent and agitated the agent into the fibres. Now it is time to extract the dirt (its getting exciting now isn't it). The machine I use is the incredible POWER FLITE perfect heat extractor. Combined with the CFR WONDER WAND.

Water Extraction diagram

Wonder Wand Diagram
showing the water flow path

This machine applies hot water at 500psi (pounds per Square inch) directly into your carpet, then by using CFR technology on the wonder wand it extracts the water with 2 powerful vacuum pumps, the water is extracted immediately, therefore NOT allowing the base and underlay to become sodden UNLIKE many other extractors.

Continuous flow allows cleaning at high pressure with virtually no risk of over wetting! 93% OF WATER IS EXTRACTED. Therefore allowing much faster drying times.

Details of the extraction machines that I use.

Fast Turbo Drying

Room drying

Whole Room Drying
Right: A whole room dryer.

This is only used when the carpet/upholstery is required for use within one hour)

The question everyone asks is “How long will it take to dry?”. This is a bit difficult to answer with any certainty. Drying times will depend on a number of things, the outside temperature and humidity. The inside temperature and ventilation, and the composition of the item being cleaned, ie; some fabrics hold more moisture than others. However, due to the fact that my cleaning machine extracts 93% of the water we are already off to a good start. When I have finished cleaning the carpet/upholstery the turbo drying machine is placed on to the carpet, and by the time I have packed away the equipment the job is almost dry.

The whole room dryer works by pulling warmer air down and blowing it across the floor.